Well, the Feb 20th, 2009 was the official one year mark! I have withstood the minor temptation that crept up when Wrath of the Lich King was released and my friends tempted me over and over lol.

So what has been going on… well our 4th child was born, another boy. So we have 4 boys now.

Me and the older boys have played fiesta a little bit. They love that, and i have to admit for a free MMORPG it is top notch. Kind of pokemon type art, my kids dig it. I play once in a while but they are way ahead of me. they dont get much time to play either. 

I have been playing Combat Arms a little, which is a free online FPS based in an Army setting where you can rank up. I am like a sargent or somethign now. I only play once a week or so, dont have much time really.

The kids were buggin me to try wizards101 out, so we did and they love that one too. another free MMORPG. if you have kids that want to play that would be a good one. very kid friendly, even more so than fiesta which is also kid friendly.

We just dont have a lot of time to play so none of us are getting addicted, we are spending more time on more important things. Between sports, scouts, playing music, doing homework, feeding the baby we are all pretty busy and enjoy spending the time with each other. Way better than WOW.

Some of my biggest tempters when the WotLK came out are now gettign ready to cancel their WOW accounts. They have spent hours and hours doing all the new stuff, and now it is just the SOS again so they are getting tired. Soooooooo glad I aint in that boat, and never will be again.

Stay away from super addicting and time consuming things like WOW. You will be happier.


Still Cured

Well, I am still cured. No WOW playing but my friends at work are trying to push me to the expansion in November. I think I am done though. Not much point.

I have been playing some free MMORPGs with my kids. Their favorite is fiesta. Kind of anime type toons, pretty good game. They have 2 million subscribers and it is free, so not bad at all. I found an FPS combat game called Combat Arms. It is all PVP. Been a lot of fun playing that, and it is totally free too. Probably the best free game I have tried.  Check it out at

Until next time, just say no to WOW. lol


Well, it has been a long time and still no return to WOW. I am pretty much cured I would say. I give up on the payback countdown. Too much effort. lol. I have been practicing my bass a lot, and I started to play drums and piano too. Spending a lot of time with the wife and kids watching old scifi type show like Star Trek, The original series. The kids love it, and my wife actually likes them too. Found out our 4th kid is on the way, and are excited about that. Been going to a gym, working with a trainer, and have lost about 28 pounds. So life is a lot better I would say. lol. More important things definately get the attention now.

I do play some games occasionally. Dungeon Runners and Pirates Online.

Dungeon Runners is HYSTERICAL. It is a fun, crawl dungeon, kill stuff, get better gear type game. Boss runs are fun to do with a high level taking the abuse. The game has pvp matches and they seem fun. The game is pretty simple, and easy not to get addicted to. If you buy the box you get 6 months free premium membership (which is only 5 bucks a month anyway) and you get a bling gnome. Bling gnomes are hysterical as they eat the items you dont want and poop them out as gold or an epic item. The box version also gives you a free version of a mech battle game called exteel. It is pretty fun to play too, but sucks a lot of system resource. If you want to try a fun, easy and not to addicitve game check it out:

Pirates is ok. it is kind of a lame interface, and they charge like 10 bucks a month if you join. I joined for one month because the first month is $4.95. For me the funnest part of pirates is joing a crew of a big ship, hopping on a cannon and blasting the hell out of ships while the captain drives. My kids really like this game. It is easy for me to walk a way from though, so I think it is ok for addicts to play. lol.

Anyway, if you still playing WOW get the hell out. It aint worth your life, no game is.

I think I am cured…

Well, it has been a long time now and I haven’t climbed back into the WOW chair yet. lol. Happily, I haven’t been tempted really at all. I havent even played Halo, for two weeks which was the only game I have been playing at all.

I need to update the “payback countdown”, but you know what? I just haven’t really been keeping track so I am just gonna subtract 100 hours. I am pretty sure that in the last 2 months I have done more then 100 hours, but just to be fair I am going to just do 100. I will try to keep up with it better now… lol. We will see.

I have a couple friends who are talking about getting guild wars… I have been thinking about it too, but am a little worried about getting addicted. I have read a lot about it and it doesn’t worry me as much as playing WOW would, but I am still unsure. I really just want to pvp with the premade maxed out toon, so I am not even sure I would do a toon  from scratch. I read that you can just use a premade toon or something if you just want to pvp. If that is wrong post and let me know. I mean, what do you all think? If I have been addicted to WOW would guild wars addict me too? It just doesn’t seem as deep and demanding, but it does seem like it would be fun.


Well, been quite a while and I am happy to say I am still out of WOW, and have had no real temptation to go back. And I pretty much am not playing any video games right now at all. I am trying to get a Wii though so I can play with the kids. I know quite a few people that have them and they say they are really fun.

I occasionally still play the free trial version of Halo. Thanks to Microsoft for having a free trial that never expires. lol. I hop on once in a while, play a round of CTF, and then get out. Good to get a quick pvp fix, but sucky enough to lose interest fast. heheh.

One of my hugely WOW addicted friends may be finally hanging it up. He has found a really nice girl it seems, and is really enjoying some RL time with her. Man, that is soooo cool. He was majorly addicted. I hope it goes good and he is out forever. He took a leave of absence from his guild, and is de-activating  one of his two accounts. He had 3 at one time, (he loved to power level his own toons on follow, lol), but was down to two. Now he down to one… GO GO GO!!

I been totally slacking on the “pay back countdown”… But it is kind of hard to keep up on maintaining… I will try to keep recording time there but the good thing is that I have been paying back a LOT of time… I get a lot more done most nights because I am not playing WOW, or really any other game for more than 15 mins… So as long as I don’t zone out I usually do very well being productive.

I will try to update this more often. To those of you wavering or trying to quit… just do it (sorry Nike. lol. I stole your tagline)… Just get off of it and get on with real life!

Nothing new, still WOWless.

Yeah I am still alive, and I haven’t went back to wow. Next week will be one month! lol. Been doing a lot of fun things, bloggin, checking out some open source stuff, watching movies with the wife and kids, practicing guitar, yada yada… I have played halo now and then too. But no WOW, and no desire. I think I will make a new page of helpful hints of things that have helped me quit.

Still Alive

Hey things have been going great. No WOW cravings at all. The only game I have played is just a little Halo. Been watching movies, and catching up on blogs lately. lol. I need to update the countdown page but I been to lazy. lol. The most important thing in NO MORE WOW! heheh.